A service of renaming

For those who take a new name

The Episcopal Church has a beautiful liturgy for blessing someone who has "taken or been given a new name." It makes reference to the "God of Sarai revealed as Sarah," and seeks to honor the significant moments in which someone might change their name. This can be particularly poignant for those members of the community who have transitioned, or are transitioning gender. Or, for those who feel a new name would better fit their true identity. This same service might also be meaningful for individuals taking their maiden name again, after a divorce.

Renaming Rite

Service of Renaming From the Episcopal Church (p. 120 of the linked resource)

See below an excerpt:

Opening Acclamation

Presider: Blessed be the God of Sarai revealed as Sarah, Jacob who

became Israel, and Simon called Peter.

People: Blessed be the God who comes among us, reconciles us, and

sets us free.


Presider: Blessed are you, God of growth and discovery; yours is the

inspiration that has altered and changed our lives; yours is the power

that has brought us to new dangers and opportunities. Set us, your new

creation, to walk through this new world, watching and learning, loving

and trusting, until your kingdom comes. Amen.

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