updated wedding rites

Even some of the most cherished wedding texts and liturgical language can have hints of misogyny and heteronormativity. Assumptions on gender, and the expected submission of the female spouse are two examples that make a frequent appearance in the language found in wedding rites. Fortunately, denominations like the ELCA have wrestled with these issues, and have offered supplemental resources.

ELCA supplemental MARRIAGE resource

Supplemental Resources for use within the Evangelical Lutheran Worship Service of Marriage

A Sample introduction, with adapted language:

Introduction C

The minister may introduce the service with these or similar words.

[Name] and [name] have come to make their marriage vows

in the presence of God and this assembly.

The uniting of these two persons in heart, body, and mind

is intended by God for their mutual joy,

for the help and comfort they give one another in prosperity and adversity,

and that their love may be a blessing to all whom they encounter.

Let us now witness their promises to each other and surround them with our prayers,

giving thanks to God for the gift of marriage and asking God’s blessing upon them,

that they may strengthened for their life together and nurtured in the love of God.

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